Tracking for advanced: exercise tips

If you have consolidated the basics of tracking with your dog, you can intensify the training and also demand a little more from your four-legged friend. However, a lot of work is still required to make your dog a real trace professional. Longer trails are also no problem for advanced dogs - Image: Shutterstock / sandra zuerlein

For dogs who enjoy it, tracking is a great workload. If your four-legged friend has mastered the feeding circle and short practice tracks in your sleep, you can set your goals higher and make the tracks more difficult. First, practice with less intense tracks that your dog needs to follow: walk in normal steps and stop walking. Also, lay out the food or treats at greater intervals once your dog understands what it is about. Nevertheless, make sure that the experience always remains positive and your four-legged friend receives enough reward. If you put less food on the track, a particularly big reward should be waiting for the tracker.

New challenges in tracking

The track that you lay out can now become longer and no longer necessarily has to run in a straight line. For example, include a 90-degree angle in the track, which you should particularly carefully exit. Your dog must be able to tell with his nose which direction the track is going - you should make that easy for him at first. If your nose masters these corners well, you can gradually install several angles and branches in the tracks. For advanced sniffers, you can also lay out tracks in a U or lightning shape. The goal of the training should be to walk behind your dog on a ten meter leash and let him do the work.

For advanced users: display items

When tracking, certain items that your dog has to display can also be used - for example, small pieces of leather or wood. It is necessary, for example, that your four-legged friend finds these things and deliberately draws attention to them if your dog is to take a track test. You should prepare your dog for this apart from the track work. Displaying objects on a track by sitting down or lying down requires additional practice.

Tow lines for walks and dog training

Tow lines are very long lines that are practical for various dog training units ...

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