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Children read shelter dogs aloud

It's a great idea that warms your heart: In the "Humane Society of Missouri" shelter in the USA, children read dogs from books they have brought with them.

The "Shelter Buddies Reading Program" is intended to help the anxious and shy dogs in the shelter build trust in people and get the four-legged friends used to the two-legged friends. In the video you can see how the dogs feel comfortable in the presence of the kids and react partly with curiosity and partly with relaxation. A wonderful action!

Even if the dogs in the "Humane Society of Missouri" shelter do not understand what the children are reading, they feel the calming effect of the words. It's about care and the feeling of not being alone in the shelter. Some of the dogs are visibly interested in the book in the small children's hands, others like the last fur nose in the video make it feel so comfortable that they simply fall asleep.

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