Purchase contract: important when buying a dog

Many prospective pet owners often don't think about a purchase contract when they want to buy a dog. But if difficulties arise after the purchase, a sales contract can avoid a lot of trouble. Here you can find out what should be inside. Image: Shutterstock / ots-photo

The fur nose is great and you can forget a lot in the excitement. However, you should not simply drop a sales contract under the table - no matter how great the anticipation and no matter how sympathetic you find the breeder.

Purchase contract for a living being: Strangely factual, but important

If you buy a dog and get it from the breeder, a purchase contract is essential. The factual formulations in this document may come upright to any dog ​​lover, but before the law the purchase of a four-legged friend is equated with that of an object. Therefore, the contract speaks of "defects" and "purpose", although one would never talk so cold and sober about the new family member.

Breeders have prepared sales contracts that you only have to fill out. You will also find a whole series of model contracts on the Internet - especially on the websites of the responsible breeding associations.

Components of the purchase contract: checklist

Some data should always be included in the purchase contract for the dog:

● Name & address of the kennel
● Buyer's name & address
● Purchase price
● official litter name of the dog
● Registration number in the stud book
● race
● gender
● Color & other features
● Chip number
● castrated: yes / no
● Name of the parent animals

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Defects and right of withdrawal

Defects, for example deviations from the breed standard or diseases, should always be marked in the contract: If your new best friend is bad before the purchase, a veterinary purchase examination documents the condition of your four-legged friend. In addition, the breeder undertakes to present the animal in an unadulterated manner - i.e. without the influence of medication. In return, you accept that the dog can develop new defects in the course of its life.

Another important point is the seller's right of withdrawal. This guarantees the animal's animal welfare. This clause takes effect if you provide false information. The right does not expire until three years after the handover, until then you must return your darling in the event of a violation. Check-ups are also permitted two weeks after you have purchased your dog.

If you want to hand over the dog, the breeder always has a right of first refusal. The breeder usually has to agree to a sale to other people beforehand.

The purchase contract is a matter of course for a reputable breeder. In addition to the purchase contract, you will also receive the completed passport, the animal passport and a document certifying that the litter has been accepted by the breeding supervisor. If a breeder prefers to process the handover without documents, you should refrain from buying.

Even if your animal does not come from the breeder, a purchase contract is still a good idea. If there is a dispute, you have a solid basis for further steps if there is a legal dispute. After all, many hundreds of euros go over the table when buying a dog. What kind of work is there to sign a sales contract?