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Rescue operation: baby elephant falls into a fountain

Once again, a small baby elephant has come into a predicament in India: this little pachyderm has fallen into a well. The poor animal made itself known through complaints, so that it quickly received full attention. After a while, the rescue operation was started.

It is not the first time that a baby elephant plunged into a fountain in India. Deforestation repeatedly drives elephants into populated areas. In this case, it is suspected that the hatchling had moved away from its herd, maybe even been sent to look for food.

Shortly before, however, a house was demolished at this location and the fountain was left open. This became a dangerous mud trap for the baby elephant. Fortunately, after the rescue operation, things went off lightly for the little gray giant. With the help of excavators, the well was shoveled so far that the animal could free itself again.

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