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Disappeared cat: return after 13 years

The family from the south of Australia was amazed: Suddenly a house tiger was at your doorstep - her cat Shelby, who had disappeared a whopping 13 years ago.

It sounds like a Hollywood movie: For over a decade, the Australian Geelong family thought that their cat Shelby had disappeared. When the pretty long-haired cat suddenly appeared in front of the door, its former owners didn't even recognize it - who is expecting such a miracle?

When Mama Paula and the four children realized that the house tiger that had come in was actually the beloved Shelby, the joy was huge! The veterinarian used old photos of the family cat to make sure that the animal was one and the same. Mama Paula popped up the now 17-year-old velvet paw - she had to fight with lice and dull fur. Now the family is reunited with their four-legged friend, and he feels very comfortable in his new, old home!

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