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Flamingo: Great bird in pink plumage

Beastly beautiful flamingo: great bird in pink plumage Flamingos are sociable. Their colonies often consist of thousands of birds - Image: Shutterstock / Iraqi flamingos are particularly fascinating birds with their unusual color and elegant appearance. Our photo gallery shows how photogenic they are!
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Images for Dachshund fans: cute little hunting dog with character

Cute dogs pictures for Dachshund fans: Cute little hunting dog with character It is a pity that the Dachshund is so rarely found on the street. In any case, he is never too good for funny snapshots, as our picture gallery shows! Dachshunds provide lots of fun and entertainment on the beach - Image: Shutterstock / bruno ismael da silva alves Definitely: Dachshunds in a double pack are adorable!
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Little cuddly friend is sooo happy

Sugar-sweet little cuddly friend is sooo happy What does a really happy kitten look like? The incredibly cuddly little four-legged friend would like to show you this in this video. Oh, cat life is beautiful! For this kitten there is a first little trip outside today, but it would rather not be great adventures.
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Cats play in sink: compilation

Playing Cats Playing in Sinks: Compilation In general, cats are water-shy - but the funny guys in this video don't seem to have heard of them yet. They sleep, play and splash in the sink and have a lot of fun. The Mission of Cat Gang No.
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Hedgehog houses and hedgehog food for the garden

Love for animals Hedgehog houses and hedgehog food for the garden If you feed hedgehogs or want to set them up in the garden for wintering, you will find some ideas that will make the spiky little garden residents happy. Help hedgehogs over the winter: Tips - Image: Shutterstock / Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM 1.
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